Worked All 13 Colonies

Last night I was NCS for my club’s HF net.  Right after our net cleared, K2C, a station in RI started calling CQ for the 13 Colony Special Event, and I picked him up, along with several of the other net members.  At that point, I figured it was prime time for 40 and 80 meters up and down the East Coast, so I went looking for some others.  About 45 minutes later I had worked 11 of the 13 stations.  It took quite awhile to find a PA station (I thought that was unusual), and I was still missing K2L in SC before I turned in for the night.  This morning after my club breakfast, I found K2L on 40 meter CW as well as WM3PEN, the Liberty Bell Bonus station, completing a clean sweep of all original colonies plus a bonus station:

My thanks to all the operators of stations K2A to K2L for making this a fun event.

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