Calibrating the Uplinks for FD

The satellites are conspiring against me this year, mostly passes in the dark (nothing like stumbling/fumbling around in the dark in a field), but I’m getting the uplink calibrated again on my IC-9100.

Anyway, was able to calibrate AO-7 uplink (off about 200 Hz from last year), in both CW and SSB.  XW-2B, 2C, and 2F were easy to setup, but no takers for my CQs.

Made a couple of contacts with KK4PP and W4FS on SO-50.  Even had a contact via ISS Digipeat with W4MII

  • 20170621210810 : W4MII]CQ,RS0ISS*,qAR,WB4SON:=4102.57N/07496.02W- Greetings from Tony in grid FN21ma

XW-2A and XW-2D were also calibrated.  Had QSOs with W2JAZ on XW-2D CW, and again later on XW-2B SSB.  Also had a QSO on CW with KA8NCR on XW-2B.

Later at night, I heard myself on the AO-85 downlink around 01:23 to 01:26 UTC, but no takers.  AO-73 continues in sunlight so its impossible to test.

While I had no trouble calibrating for FO-29, and heard my downlink loud/clear from 01:39 to 01:51 UTC, there were no takers for SSB or CW CQs.  I did hear one response to a SSB QSO, but sadly below my local noise floor.

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