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ARISS Contact to be Friday May 6

The ARISS and NASA organizations have just announced that the All Saints Academy contact with the International Space Station will take place on Friday May 6th. Our orbit will be a descending one, beginning at approximately 12:44 PM local time and … Continue reading

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Packet QSO with VA3NNA via ISS (RS0ISS)

Adrian, VA3NNA, and I used UNPROTO packets to have a QSO today via the Packet Robot, RS0ISS, aboard the International Space Station. fm WB4SON to CQ via RS0ISS* FN41FN +/ ctl UI^ pid F0 – 25-APR-16 11:08:12 fm VA3NNA to … Continue reading

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ARISS Practice Going Well

As of yesterday, the RF Team from NCRC has had 3 ARISS practice sessions, where we use the Packet Robot RS0ISS to check out the RF uplink/downlink and antenna tracking gear. Usually at home I use M2 Eggbeater antennas, and … Continue reading

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QSL for RS0ISS Packet Arrives

I received a QSL via the ARRL for the packet activity through the ISS Packet Robot, RS0ISS on April 4th.  

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ISS SSTV Reception

Always looking for a new way to practice for our upcoming ARISS contact the first week of May, I setup the MMSSTV program to decode the SSTV signal being sent from ISS on 145.800 MHz.  The signal is sent using … Continue reading

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Just Another Number

Recognizing that there isn’t anything special about this, but I noticed that I had exactly 4,000 confirmed QSOs in LotW today (63% confirmation rate).

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Successful Digipeat from ISS

As our ARISS contact is 30 days away, so it is time for lots of practice.  While not at All Saints yet, I am using my IC-9100 with egg-beaters to monitor the ISS Packet Robot on 145.825 +/- Doppler.  Packets … Continue reading

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DXCC Update

After ironing out some system glitches, the nice folks at the ARRL checked in my paper QSLs and I found myself standing at 251 confirmed countries with 1,188 band-points.  Also, one of the paper QSLs finished 30-meter WAS, making that … Continue reading

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