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Calibrating the Uplinks for FD

The satellites are conspiring against me this year, mostly passes in the dark (nothing like stumbling/fumbling around in the dark in a field), but I’m getting the uplink calibrated again on my IC-9100. Anyway, was able to calibrate AO-7 uplink … Continue reading

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Field Day 2017 Satellite Passes

As usual, here is the list of decent satellite passes for Field Day 2017.  Times are in EDT, and the station location is set to FN41 (Rhode Island).  Many of them this year are after dark.  Going to have to … Continue reading

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Winter Field Day — Satellite Success

I joined Newport County Radio Club, W1SYE, for their Winter Field Day again this year. The weather for New England was fantastic — in the low 40s dropping down to the upper 20s at night.  The only downside was a … Continue reading

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Getting Ready for Winter Field Day – Satellite

Well it’s that time of year again, I’m dusting off the portable satellite gear and making sure it’s working.  I had just updated the clock, and TLEs, when I noticed that UKube was above the horizon.  I quickly turned on … Continue reading

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CY9C – St. Paul Island DXpedition – via Satellite

I was fortunate enough to work CY9C today at 21:08:39 during a pass of AO-7.  Great operator on the other end and great signals too.  Heard him work quite a few prior to me as well. Did the same thing … Continue reading

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OSCAR Satellite Communications Achievement Award

Bruce, KK5DO, processed my application within minutes of it being emailed to him, and I received the award #569 a couple of days later.  This particular award requires twenty 2x satellite QSOs in different states, provinces, or countries.  It doesn’t … Continue reading

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Amazing How Many Satellites Are Active Now

I can remember back to the days of AO-6 and AO-7.  One satellite in the sky, 4-6 passes in a day, calculations done graphically using the Oscar Locator and weekly elements sent via W1AW bulletin (no PCs or public internet back … Continue reading

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Just Completed Oscar Satellite Communications Achievement Award

The QSL rate for satellite operators is disappointingly low, even for those using LotW.  This means it takes more time to obtain various operating awards. Today, I finally qualified for the AMSAT Oscar Satellite Communications Achievement Award, which is 20 different … Continue reading

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UKube-1 Downlink 1 KHz High?

For the third day in a row I’ve been monitoring the FUNcube-2/UKube-1 telemetry downlink, and have determined for a detected tone frequency of 1500 Hz according to the Funcube Dashboard software, I need to set the Downlink frequency to 145.916 KHz.  This … Continue reading

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First UKube-1 QSO

Paul, N8HM (FM18), who posted the message about FUNcube-2/UKube-1 being active, happened to be my first SSB QSO at 17:18 UTC today. My TX offset was 14.3 KHz higher than specified, but for this first time, at least, things seemed … Continue reading

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