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Yearning for Solar Cycle 25: But will it even happen?

According to Dr. Sten Odenwall, we will start seeing the new sunspots of Cycle 25 appear sometime in late-2019. Sunspot maximum is likely to occur in 2024, with most forecasts predicting about half as many sunspots as in Cycle 24. The bad … Continue reading

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Mid-way through 2017, DX is Crawling

At this point halfway to the bottom of cycle 24 (2020), I suppose it is only natural for things to slow down, not only due to the sunspot cycle decline, but also just because there are fewer needed DX entities … Continue reading

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First Radials on the Ground for Inverted L

I’ve been using a low loop, about 450 feet of wire, around 20 to 30 feet off the ground for years.  It worked well for me, enabling me to get 9-band DXCC and 8-band WAS.  But the sunspots have diminished, … Continue reading

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First Quarter 2017 DX Results

February and March were pretty good for me at my current snail’s pace, adding three new countries for a total of 261, and bumping the band-point count up to 1,237. So even near the bottom on Cycle 24, there’s still … Continue reading

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QRP Still Rules the World; even on 80 Meters

Yesterday I decided to set my radio up on a QRP (5 watt) beacon mode on 80 meters (I used a propagation mode called WSPR, transmitting once every 10 minutes).  I let the rig run from about 4:45 PM local time … Continue reading

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Goals for 2017 and 2016 in Review

Four out of seven 2016 goals were completed successfully: 255 Confirmed Countries  YES 1,200 DX Band-Points  YES WAS Completed on 12 Meters (need WV)  NO Successful ARISS Contact at All Saints Academy  YES Teach a Technician Class for Monsignor Clarke … Continue reading

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DXCC Standings at Beginning of Dec

I had a bit more time to spend on the air after the hustle/bustle of the Summer & Fall.  My DXCC Standings are as follows: So over the last 3 months (September/October/November), I picked up two new countries fox my Mixed … Continue reading

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DX Surprise

After uploading my NPOTA log, I checked my confirmed contacts and was pleasantly surprised to find two ATNOs in the log: TL8AO was an ATNO for me, and the LotW entry showed up within a few hours of our contact. … Continue reading

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Amazed at 400th Anniversary of Cervantes Radio Event

I am absolutely blown away by what the URE (Union Radioaficionados Espanoles – their equivalent of the ARRL) – put together to celebrate the 400th anniversary of the death of Miguel de Cervantes.  The event last for only THREE WEEKS, starting September … Continue reading

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DXCC Update for August

Wow, have things ever slowed down.  I did fill in several missing band-slots for CY9C, and a few more random band-slots for other countries.  But I haven’t worked an ATNO in ages. So no new countries to report, and only … Continue reading

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