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First Quarter 2017 DX Results

February and March were pretty good for me at my current snail’s pace, adding three new countries for a total of 261, and bumping the band-point count up to 1,237. So even near the bottom on Cycle 24, there’s still … Continue reading

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QRP Still Rules the World; even on 80 Meters

Yesterday I decided to set my radio up on a QRP (5 watt) beacon mode on 80 meters (I used a propagation mode called WSPR, transmitting once every 10 minutes).  I let the rig run from about 4:45 PM local time … Continue reading

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Goals for 2017 and 2016 in Review

Four out of seven 2016 goals were completed successfully: 255 Confirmed Countries  YES 1,200 DX Band-Points  YES WAS Completed on 12 Meters (need WV)  NO Successful ARISS Contact at All Saints Academy  YES Teach a Technician Class for Monsignor Clarke … Continue reading

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DXCC Standings at Beginning of Dec

I had a bit more time to spend on the air after the hustle/bustle of the Summer & Fall.  My DXCC Standings are as follows: So over the last 3 months (September/October/November), I picked up two new countries fox my Mixed … Continue reading

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DX Surprise

After uploading my NPOTA log, I checked my confirmed contacts and was pleasantly surprised to find two ATNOs in the log: TL8AO was an ATNO for me, and the LotW entry showed up within a few hours of our contact. … Continue reading

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Amazed at 400th Anniversary of Cervantes Radio Event

I am absolutely blown away by what the URE (Union Radioaficionados Espanoles – their equivalent of the ARRL) – put together to celebrate the 400th anniversary of the death of Miguel de Cervantes.  The event last for only THREE WEEKS, starting September … Continue reading

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DXCC Update for August

Wow, have things ever slowed down.  I did fill in several missing band-slots for CY9C, and a few more random band-slots for other countries.  But I haven’t worked an ATNO in ages. So no new countries to report, and only … Continue reading

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CY9C – St. Paul Island DXpedition – via Satellite

I was fortunate enough to work CY9C today at 21:08:39 during a pass of AO-7.  Great operator on the other end and great signals too.  Heard him work quite a few prior to me as well. Did the same thing … Continue reading

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DXCC Update for June

Not much of a change in the last month, pretty much matching the sharp decline in solar activity as the cycle fades into history. So in the past month, one new country has been added, bringing the total to 255 … Continue reading

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And Just Like That — 255 Confirmed!

So I did my daily check-and-hope of LotW today and was shocked to see a confirmation from a Botswana station contact made 2 years ago!  That was country 255, completing my 2016 DX goal.  From the date, it has to … Continue reading

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