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Thank you Baker Island Team!

It’s been a hectic couple of months here in WB4SON land, and my operating time has been severely curtailed.  But it pained me to think that I was about to miss an opportunity for a ATNO with the KH1/KH7Z DXpedition.  … Continue reading

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Happy 6000+ LotW confirmations!

Back on Jan 19, I was sitting at 5,000 LotW confirmations.  Today, with the addition of a couple of confirmations from QSOs with Iceland back in 2014, I bumped up to 6,001 confirmed in LotW. Thanks to Odinn Thor (I … Continue reading

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100th DXCC Entity Using FT8

With the receipt of a LotW confirmation received on March 24th, for a FT8 QSO with H40YM, Temotu Province (part of the Solomon Island chain) on March 14th, I finally had my 100th DXCC Entity confirmed in LotW (not that … Continue reading

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IGC Update End of Feb

The International Grid Chase has been a wonderful distraction this winter and has given me an excuse to spend an hour or two on air almost every day.  In fact, when I miss a day, I feel like I’m missing … Continue reading

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And 20 RTTY

W7GA TU Z6ØA NO EU UP 16:53:57z> WB4SON WB4SON WB4SON WB4SON 599 WB4SON 16:54:14z> DE WB4SON 5NN 73 WB4SON 599 WB4SON 16:54:31z> DE WB4SON 5NN 73 WB4SON TU Z6ØA NO EU UP  

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Wow, that was fast!

And just like that, a confirmation from Z60A showed up in LotW: That brings my count up to 264.  With no Bouvet, it might be a challenge to meet the goal of 265 by year’s end.

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Finally got Z60A Kosovo

I thought I had worked them on 40 meter CW several days ago.  The operator had my call wrong but patiently listened for a correction and came back with the correct call.  However it never made it into their ClubLog … Continue reading

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Goal Update January 2018

So the first month is under our belt for 2018.  DX results were pretty good, already knocking off a couple of my 2018 goals.  DXCC Challenge stands at 1281, and 160-meter DXCC is at 48.  So lets set new goals … Continue reading

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Contact #8000 Uploaded to LotW

Back on Oct 3, 120 days ago, I noted that I had uploaded my 7,000th contact into LotW.  Today I am happy to note that contact 8,000 has been uploaded.  Many of those QSOs (654 of them) are a result … Continue reading

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An 80-Meter Surprise DP1POL

Like many folks chasing grid squares, I’m spending time on the digital modes.  Yesterday was a fairly unusual day for me in that I was able to make contact with places that I usually don’t hear, most likely on  the … Continue reading

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