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Year-end DX/WAS Summary

2017 was a slow year for DX & WAS.  I suspect due to a combination of working most of the easy ones and a rapidly declining Solar Cycle 24.  It is hard to imagine how poor things will be for … Continue reading

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X9.3 Solar Flare Hits today ~ 12:02 UTC

A massive solar flare struck the earth today, a X-class 9.3.  This is the largest flare of Solar Cycle 24 by far.  It does have an Earth-directed CME that will be following on the heels of an earlier M-class flare/CME. … Continue reading

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Nice 6-meter Opening Today

The JT65 segment of 6-meters was white hot today.  Even heard Joe Taylor (K1JT).  Map below shows stations that heard my signals around 21:00 UTC today.

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First Radials on the Ground for Inverted L

I’ve been using a low loop, about 450 feet of wire, around 20 to 30 feet off the ground for years.  It worked well for me, enabling me to get 9-band DXCC and 8-band WAS.  But the sunspots have diminished, … Continue reading

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QRP Still Rules the World; even on 80 Meters

Yesterday I decided to set my radio up on a QRP (5 watt) beacon mode on 80 meters (I used a propagation mode called WSPR, transmitting once every 10 minutes).  I let the rig run from about 4:45 PM local time … Continue reading

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Don’t know that I’ve ever seen this before…

Day and night, all HF bands are “Poor”

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DXCC Update for June

Not much of a change in the last month, pretty much matching the sharp decline in solar activity as the cycle fades into history. So in the past month, one new country has been added, bringing the total to 255 … Continue reading

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Goodbye Solar Cycle 24

Goodbye Solar Cycle 24, you were fun while you lasted! Propagation is really impacting the K5P (Palmyra Island), VP8STI (South Sandwich Island), and VP8SGI (South Georgia Island), DXpeditions. I note that solar levels appear to be somewhat higher than when I … Continue reading

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K1 Assembly Complete

I completed and installed the two coils in 50 minutes.  I then spent another 40 minutes doing the TX tests and alignment.  That brings the total time to 25.75 hours. The initial transmitter testing went well, with coils almost peaked … Continue reading

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Christmas Tree Antenna

WA1ABI, John, in Portsmouth invented a new mode a couple of years back — Christmas Tree to Christmas Tree QRP.  Today I had my outside tree wired up to a remote antenna tuner and gave the XMT2XMT mode a try. … Continue reading

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