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Tried WSJT-X in Hound Mode for the first time

Today I heard SO1WS in Western Sahara on 17-meters.  I noticed a very raspy FT-8 signal, and after checking the time offset, it turned out to be So1WS — however upon further review it was apparent that they were running … Continue reading

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Six Meters IS the Magic Band

If one were to take a look at the WSJT-X screen cap below, perhaps it wouldn’t seem too unusual.  Operating 6 meters, a few signals on.  It shows I was calling CQ around 141715 UTC, and was answered by N7BD.  … Continue reading

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Someone Trying To Tell Me Something?

My Inverted L antenna begins its journey skyward at the base of an old oak tree.  A 600 watt remote tuner is installed there, along with multiple radials into the woods and yard.  The “L” wire comes down from a … Continue reading

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Musings on PC Clock Accuracy

As a digital mode and satellite operator, accurate time is essential.  The internet is a wonderful step forward in that Network Time Protocol (NTP) services give the potential for every PC to be accurate to within milliseconds.  Windows recognizes this … Continue reading

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Shack PC Up and Running

After the fire last Sunday, I did some testing, and found a good hunk of my 10-year old PC was gone.  The cost to repair was going to be significant, and I’d be left with the guts of an old … Continue reading

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