I currently use Logbook of the World and eQSL to electronically confirm my contacts.  I wish the ARRL would accept both for DXCC, but they don’t, so LotW and physical QSL cards are the only way to get the League sponsored awards.

However I will gladly mail a physical QSL to anyone who sends me one.  No SASE is required (and in fact will simply be returned unused with my QSL).

Here is a copy of the front of my QSL


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  1. John Boyd - WB8WUP says:

    Hi Bob,
    You were my first contact after getting my General License. I was WB4UFJ at the time (around 1971) living in Washington, NC. I recall that you were living in Huntsville,AL. I have the old log book somewhere packed away. I moved to Ohio and had to get the 8 call. Glad to see that you are still around and kicking. Nice web page.
    John Boyd ex. WB4UFJ
    New Bern, NC

    • robert says:

      Hi John,

      What a wonderful surprise to run across you again. I wonder how you found my blog? I found your QSL card and just completed a post with a copy of the card. Check: http://wb4son.com/wpblog/?p=823

      I hope we get a chance to bump into each other on the air soon!

      73, Bob, WB4SON

  2. Vic says:

    neat wordpress page! Lots of info here. Good to see you at the W1SYE JOTA this weekend.

  3. Hi Bob,
    last days I was looking for Rig control cable IC-7400 . Than I found one here on the Web page from a dealer. Shortly later I found pdf on Digital Modes not to use those with Prolific Chip which causes a lot of trouble. Thank you ! I stopped the order right away. Minutes late I found this link:http://tickets.hrdsoftwarellc.com/kb/faq.php?id=39
    Would you agree to named two cables Mfg. Regards 73 DL6SAY Detlef

    • robert says:

      Hi Detlef,

      I have been told by another ham (but don’t know from first hand experience) that the RT-System’s cables no longer work for applications other than their own (their rig programming software). Personally I haven’t had issues with after-market USB cables as long as they contain the FTDI chip, including the Icom cable that I use with several of my rigs. 73, Bob, WB4SON

  4. Grady says:

    Hello Bob,
    Just heard you on 15 cw down here in Rock Spring, GA. You were s9 +30 at times, really booming in. Wonder what you are running for a rig and antenna these days?

    Grady WE4S

    • robert says:

      Hi Grady,

      I was running 100 watts (K3 barefoot) to a 450-foot diameter loop that ranges from 15 to 30 feet up in the trees. But I was seriously impressed by W0RW’s Pedestrian Mobile operation and think he wins the great signal award for 50 watts into a 10 foot whip — I can barely send CW while sitting at a desk, and he was walking up hill!

      If you need any WAS action from Rhode Island, let me know. I’m active on all bands and modes.

      73, Bob, WB4SON

  5. chris MI0JZZ says:

    hi robert
    tnx for the ft8 contact today on 17m real nice bagging
    Rhode Island, havent worked it for a while.
    please stop by my qrz page and sign my web


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