Tried WSJT-X in Hound Mode for the first time

Today I heard SO1WS in Western Sahara on 17-meters.  I noticed a very raspy FT-8 signal, and after checking the time offset, it turned out to be So1WS — however upon further review it was apparent that they were running the the “Fox” mode as they were having multiple contacts each transmit cycle.  So I changed over to the “Hound” mode and gave them a call.  Sure enough after a few cycles they came back.  I noticed that my station never sent 73, but when they sent RR73 the “Log Contact” box popped up.  Sounds like a good contact.

Interesting.  Time to read the manual.

Note that “RX All Freqs” is checked. Also I’ve checked “Hound” mode under File/Settings/Advanced.

Note that I started sending at 1751, but I was switched down to 1509 automatically when the contact occurred.  That was the frequency SO1WS was sending to me.  Note another station was being communicated with on 1569 at the same time.

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