Shack PC Up and Running

After the fire last Sunday, I did some testing, and found a good hunk of my 10-year old PC was gone.  The cost to repair was going to be significant, and I’d be left with the guts of an old PC.  I decided to replace the PC with a business-class small form factor machine.  Much faster CPU, more RAM, a faster SSD, and much smaller/quieter is the good news.  Bad news is that any new PC requires lots of software updates and configuration.

Yesterday I spent about four hours to get the PC up and running with all the required updates and drivers.  This morning I started working on the ham applications; HRD, tQSL, WSJT-X, and JTAlert.  About four hours later I had my first FT-8 QSO in the log book and uploaded to LotW.

Now I need to get all my tools loaded for Frequency Measurement Tests, and a few other ham related toys.

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