How much gas for a Field Day using a Honda EU2000i

My club borrowed my EU2000i generator for Field Day.  It gave me a chance to try out my new extended run tank (based on a 20L NATO gas can, with a custom cap for the generator, some J30R10 submersible fuel line, and a NATO fuel draw adapter).  Each generator ran two stations (CW and GOTA, plus SSB and VHF).  My generator consumed 2.3 gallons of gas for 27 hours of run time.  Not bad at all.  Driving up to Field Day, for the first time ever, I wasn’t able to hear generator noise at all.  I heard people a half mile away mowing their yard, birds chirping, etc, but no generator whine.

Next time I can cut down on weight by using a smaller 10L tank, and still have a gallon left over.

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