Six Meters is Rocking

Each day that I have some time to be on the air, I start by listening to 6-meters for a few minutes.  This month, almost every time I do that, I wind up making a few contacts during a short opening.  This morning was a bit different.  The opening has been going on for more than an hour, and is covering all the mid-states from TX to IA and East.

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2 Responses to Six Meters is Rocking

  1. Charles Wyatt says:

    I enjoy seeing your call in the waterfall. Trying out a (very) home made full wave loop today.

    • robert says:

      Hi Charles,

      Great to see you on the waterfall as well. I’ve seen you a bunch of times on 6-Meters recently. Great opening to the Eastern half of the US today. I finally moved over to 10-Meters. FT-8 gives one hope as we wait for Solar Cycle 25

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