Final Class for New Tech’s

I recently completed another Technician Class up in Providence RI.  It produced 11 New Techs plus a General (I’m always amazed how common it is for one or two folks to take the next level exam and pass it).

As usual it took six weeks of 2.5 hour sessions, totaling 15 hours of class time.  After six classes, on May 1st, we had a VE session.  Tomorrow, May 21st, after allowing enough time for the FCC to do their job and issue the licenses, we are having a “Handheld Radio” class.  The students who passed the exam and joined my club (Newport County Radio Club) are given a BaoFeng UV5R dual band 5 watt HT that is pre-programmed with repeaters in RI and SE New England.

This is a win-win as the students have a chance to learn on-air procedures and don’t have to worry about the fear of purchasing the wrong radio.  The club benefits from a growing number of members.

Education has been the key to positive growth for my club and has produced many side benefits.  At this point, after doing it for six years, I’ve had about 250 successful outcomes, which is more than 10% of the entire ham population for Rhode Island.

Looking forward to my next set of classes this fall.

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