“Green Band” April 2018 FMT!

I managed to fulfill one of my 2018 goals by getting into the “Green Band” of the ARRL FMT.  The standard is to be better than 1 Hz on all three bands.  My best result was within 0.010 Hz, and my worst was within 0.170 Hz.  The majority of that error is due to uncertainty as to the impact of Doppler.

So I was 10 mHz low on 80m (2.8 ppb), 170 mHz high on 40m (24 ppb), and 100 mHz high on 20m (7.1 ppb); a total error of 33.9 ppb, or an average of 11.3 ppb.  When ranked by average error in ppb, I came in 12th place.  My other RI friends were in 7th and 18th place.

Maybe I can break the top 10 next time!

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