CQ WAZ #9417 Issued – Thanks CQ & ARRL!!!

Yesterday, the ARRL announced that they had completed a 3+ month long period of Beta Testing, and had opened up the processing of LotW confirmations for the CQ Magazine WAZ (Worked All Zones) Award.

Within a few moments of receiving the announcement (via the Yahoo LotW group), I had selected my WAZ account and processed the LotW side of the application after discovering that I had a confirmation for all 40 Zones.  A few minutes after that, I had emailed John Bergman, KC5LK (WAZ Award Manager) asking for payment information, and shortly after that I received a letter indicating I had completed my WAZ application, and had qualified for WAZ Award #9417 (the certificate will follow in about six months).

Thanks to everyone at CQ Magazine and the LotW team at the ARRL for making this possible!

(In my opinion, WAZ is FAR more difficult to obtain than DXCC.  I bet there are a bunch of happy folks that will soon discover that they have qualified for the award without even knowing it.  It took me a bit over 3 years to complete)

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