Now 3D Printing

My wife gave me a da Vinci mini Wireless Printer for Christmas last year.  At the time, with various discounts, it was < $150 before tax.  It has sat in the box unopened for almost 3 months.  Since it is St. Patties Day, and I happen to be alone, I had some time to give it a try.

My first attempt was a messy failure as the model detached from the print bed about half way through.  I guess that recommended “Glue Stick” was a critical step.

I went for the gold ring on my second try (laying down a layer of glue stick gum and putting the shield around it (prevents little fingers from touching it and also blocks air flow).  I chose to print the 3DBenchy Benchmark Object called a “torture test for 3D printers”.

An hour and 13 minutes later Benchy was finished.  He measures 2.4″ from stem to stern, 1.9″ tall, and 1.2″ abeam.

Now that I have it working, I hope to use it for some Ham Radio related parts (mast adapters, project enclosures, etc.).

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