Unthinkable happens — Logs lost in LotW

A server error in LotW has caused the loss of submitted log data.  In my memory, this is the first time it has happened.  Users were advised by TQSL and the Logging programs that their logs had been submitted for processing.  However, the data withing the logs was rejected without user warning.  Users can tell if their logs were lost by going to the LotW website, selecting the “Your Account” near the top right of the screen, then selecting “Your Activity” from the actions on the left side of the screen.  A list of log submissions will then be listed.

While your experience might be different, my logs submitted after 16:50 UTC on Feb 20 and before 18:00 UTC on Feb 21 were all lost.  Simply re-upload your logs to correct the issue.

If you are expecting a confirmation from me, all of my contacts through 02:00 UTC on Feb 22 have been uploaded.  Please check to be sure that your own log entries have made it into LotW

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