An 80-Meter Surprise DP1POL

Like many folks chasing grid squares, I’m spending time on the digital modes.  Yesterday was a fairly unusual day for me in that I was able to make contact with places that I usually don’t hear, most likely on  the gray-line.  Alaska and Hawaii were easy shots.  I heard China and several Asiatic countries.  The conditions continued at night as I was attempting to help a ham complete his 80-meter WAS.  While that didn’t work out (we were successful on 30 and 40 meters), I was amazed to see DP1POL on, as well as RI1ANO, both in Antartica.  I watched K1RI work RI1ANO (congrats Bob!), and I was lucky enough to work DP1POL.  While propagation was great, conditions were brutal.  The band was chock-full of well over S9 signals.  Here’s what my waterfall looked like:

It was like that from 0100-0300 when I called it a night.  Here was my exchange with DP1POL:

You can see a few retries were required to finally copy the signal.  And the reward this morning was a LotW confirmation:

Every contact helps, including rare-ones like DP1POL.  Russ KA1ERL and I keep trading places in the hunt.

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