Well THAT didn’t last long…

Sure enough, within an hour or so, some work was done on the IGC website, and the positions reported have changed around a bit.  For example, here in RI, I’ve moved down to 2nd place.

The key parameter now is “Total Grid Score”, which appears to be tracking unique grid-band points.  Note that I am still in the lead in terms of “Total Unique Grids” at 143, but Russ is in the lead if you take into account his grid-band points.  I am unsure what the significance of “Total QSL’s” is, nor what it is tracking.  From 0000Z on Jan 1 2018, I have a total of 202 LotW confirmations.  Of those, 12 were for contacts made in 2017 or earlier, so that is a total of 190 confirmed QSOs for 2018.  This does not compare to the 178 figure reported above (perhaps it is QSOs with unique call signs?).  I can believe the 169 Total Grid Score as there are several cases that I’ve worked the same grid on multiple bands.

Hopefully the IGC webpage will be changed so the “Total Grid Score” is between the “Call Sign” and “Total Unique Grids” column, and some explanation will be added as to what “Total QSL’s” means.

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