Ryan has Success with CAS-4B QSOs

I mentioned that I’ve been mentoring a neighbor that lives a few houses down the street from me.  Ryan is 11 years old and in the 6th grade.  Ryan hopes to be a meteorologist when he grows up and understands the role that Amateur Radio plays in obtaining information on the ground and in real time, so he’s hoping to get his Technician license later this year.

As we get together every couple of weeks, I try to have a planned on-air activity for him that I can use as a vehicle to discuss some of the rules and regulations, as well as what is required to complete a successful contact.  Today was Ryan’s first chance to make a contact via a satellite — in this case CAS-4B.

I had spoken with Fred, K8II, on a prior pass, and Fred promised he would listen for Ryan’s CQ.  Sure enough he heard Ryan, and they chatted for about 5 minutes.  After Fred signed off, Glen, NK1N, in New Jersey gave Ryan another call (we also heard WB3CSY calling but had lost the bird by the time we finished with Glen).

Thanks to Glen and Fred for helping to make today a special day for Ryan.  He was smiling from ear-to-ear.  Not too many 11 year-olds can claim to have spoken to someone via a satellite!

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