Happy New Year! Goal Review

2017 was a very productive year for my ham radio hobby.  At the beginning of the year I set the following goals:

  • Teach a Technician class
  • 265 confirmed countries
  • 1250 Challenge band-points
  • Successful ARISS contact at BHHS
  • Complete 1 QRP Kit
  • Convert from HRD to DXLABS

The only goal that wasn’t competed was 265 confirmed countries — I only managed 262.  It’s going to be slow going from now on.

I taught a very large (for me) Technician Class in Oct/Nov.  I had over 30 students, 26 eventually took the exam and passed.  23 techs and 3 generals.  19 of them have joined my club, so it was a good year for NCRC as well.

Speaking of NCRC and classes, I was presented with an Educational Award at the end of the year.  While I don’t have an exact number, I’ve taught somewhere around 10% of all the hams in the state of RI at this point, and am marching on (my next set of classes is scheduled for March 20).  The award has established a scholarship fund in my name.  Needless to say, I was VERY touched by the recognition.

The ARISS event at BHHS was successful, although as it turns out I had nothing to do with it (Mike K1NPT did a fantastic job).  It was changed from a direct contact to a Telebridge contact via an Italian ham, so no RF was required here in RI.  That said, I did join the ARISS organization as a Mentor, and have been coaching the Museum of Science and Technology in Syracuse NY through their first ARISS proposal and contact, so I’ll count that as a check mark too.

I did convert from HRD to DXLABS and started using the latter for a few months.  However, eventually I went back to HRD which just seems to work better for my style of operation.  JTALERT relaxed the HRD ban a bit, and a few versions have supported logging which is one of the key reasons I wanted to switch.

I accomplished a few things of note during the year as well.  I worked seven new (to me) Amateur Satellites (XW-2A,B,C,D,F, CAS-4A, and AO-91).  I rebuilt a HP3225A synthesizer that will allow me to participate in Frequency Measurement Tests (FMT) in the future.  I had confirmed contacts every month of the year, and I continued my five year streak of publishing at least one blog entry every month.

My goals for 2018 are:

  • Teach a Technician Class
  • 265 Confirmed Countries in DXCC
  • 1,275 Challenge Band-Points
  • 160-meter 40 DXCC AND 45 WAS
  • Compete in a FMT
  • 3D Print an electronics project case

Happy New Year!!!

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