First AO-91 QSOs

I’ve managed to miss every pass of AO-91 either due schedule conflicts or incompetence on my part.  I finally set an alarm to go off before a 41 degree high pass today starting at 16:54 UTC.

At first I was concerned that I had programmed SATPC32 incorrectly, as I didn’t hear anything until about 16:58 UTC, at which point the satellite was 18 degrees overhead.  Even then there were long & deep fades.

At 17:02 I had my first contact with Rich WB3CSY in PA (FN10).  Mike WB3JVD in WV (FM19) followed at 17:04, then Paul N8HM in DC (FM18), and at 17:05 Peter W2JV in NY (FN30).

Shortly after speaking with W2JV the bird faded out, when I was showing about 12 degrees above the horizon.  I’m only using egg beaters here, and was only able to work about 3-4 minutes when the satellite was close to overhead.

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