Mid-way through 2017, DX is Crawling

At this point halfway to the bottom of cycle 24 (2020), I suppose it is only natural for things to slow down, not only due to the sunspot cycle decline, but also just because there are fewer needed DX entities to obtain.

In the first six months of 2017, the country count is up four to 262.  The DX Challenge is up 18 to 1,243.  (Up one country total and 6 countries in the Challenge in the last quarter).

No luck hearing a WV station on 12 meters, my one remaining state needed for 9-band WAS.  At this point, there is almost no activity on 12 meters anyway.  Maybe on the next sunspot cycle maximum I’ll pick it up.  Meanwhile I’ve picked up a couple more states on 6 meters, and a couple more states on satellite.  This fall/winter should be interesting on 160 meters with my new antenna.

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