5BDXCC Plaque #8,178 Arrives

The 5BDXCC Plaque, No. 8,178, arrived today (it was awarded on March 6, 2015).  Unfortunately, while the plaque arrived, the 30-Meter endorsement was “out of stock” and will be delivered at a later date.  Since the plaque was supplied as a kit of parts, I don’t want to put any of it together until it is all ready to go.  Hopefully the missing plate will match the other three.

5BDXCC Plaque

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5 Responses to 5BDXCC Plaque #8,178 Arrives

    • robert says:


      Hard to believe I went from nothing on Dec 2011, to 5BDXCC by Mar 2015. Wouldn’t have done it without your advice and help!

      73, Bob, WB4SON

  1. Gust says:

    Hi Robert,
    I’m 1 LoTW confirmation – on 80 – shy of making 8BDXCC. It will be any day now.

    Two questions:
    a) the plaque being a kit of parts do you in the end consider it good value?
    b) the graphic part with the world on it, is it a stone tile or is it just plastic?

    Gust ON6KE ON7QRP

    • robert says:

      Hi Gust!
      Congratulations on getting so close to 8BDXCC. I recall waiting a long time for that final 80 meter confirmation which was necessary for the basic award, and had the other bands completed.

      I did purchase the DXCC plaque. The main part is assembled. The globe tile is ceramic/stone — its pretty. The only assembly is the small brass endorsements for additional bands, and they are applied with included double stick tape.

      I am glad I purchased it. Very nice looking.

      Congratulations again!
      73, Bob, WB4SON

  2. Gust says:

    Hi Bob,
    thank you for your mail. It’s good to learn that the plaque is good quality, I suspected the globe lay-in to be plastic, so it’s not.
    Other good news is that in the mean time I made #100 and #101 on 80 and saw them confirmed on LoTW. The 5BDXCC order has been made, approved and now is on its way to me. I expect it any day now. It’s the certificate I ordered. Still, I can order the plaque too at a later time.

    Thank you
    73, good DX
    Gust ON6KE ON7QRP

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