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Education Fund Established

I was honored by my club, Newport County Radio Club, this past December when they established an Education Fund in my name.  I’ve been quite active in RI and teaching Amateur Radio Classes since 2011.  In those years, I have … Continue reading

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Congratulations to the Museum of Science and Technology in Syracuse NY

Shortly after being on the RF side of things for a successful ARISS contact in May of 2016, I decided to volunteer to become a technical mentor for ARISS.  After shadowing Dave Jordan AA4KN (a mentor’s mentor) for an ARISS … Continue reading

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Unthinkable happens — Logs lost in LotW

A server error in LotW has caused the loss of submitted log data.  In my memory, this is the first time it has happened.  Users were advised by TQSL and the Logging programs that their logs had been submitted for … Continue reading

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And 20 RTTY

W7GA TU Z6ØA NO EU UP 16:53:57z> WB4SON WB4SON WB4SON WB4SON 599 WB4SON 16:54:14z> DE WB4SON 5NN 73 WB4SON 599 WB4SON 16:54:31z> DE WB4SON 5NN 73 WB4SON TU Z6ØA NO EU UP  

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Wow, that was fast!

And just like that, a confirmation from Z60A showed up in LotW: That brings my count up to 264.  With no Bouvet, it might be a challenge to meet the goal of 265 by year’s end.

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Finally got Z60A Kosovo

I thought I had worked them on 40 meter CW several days ago.  The operator had my call wrong but patiently listened for a correction and came back with the correct call.  However it never made it into their ClubLog … Continue reading

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Unsure How the IGC User Interface is Working for Feb

I suspect the ARRL IGC website is very much a work in progress.  Some “By the end of January” changes were announced, but the leader board is still showing January results.  You can click on “February”, but it no longer … Continue reading

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Goal Update January 2018

So the first month is under our belt for 2018.  DX results were pretty good, already knocking off a couple of my 2018 goals.  DXCC Challenge stands at 1281, and 160-meter DXCC is at 48.  So lets set new goals … Continue reading

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