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Contact #8000 Uploaded to LotW

Back on Oct 3, 120 days ago, I noted that I had uploaded my 7,000th contact into LotW.  Today I am happy to note that contact 8,000 has been uploaded.  Many of those QSOs (654 of them) are a result … Continue reading

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Happy 5000th Confirmed LotW QSO

Confirmation #5000 just came into LotW sometime in the last hour.  It was for a contact with Rich WD4JJI, who lives in a antenna restricted community in FLA.  By stealth and magic, he has found his way onto the air, … Continue reading

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An 80-Meter Surprise DP1POL

Like many folks chasing grid squares, I’m spending time on the digital modes.  Yesterday was a fairly unusual day for me in that I was able to make contact with places that I usually don’t hear, most likely on  the … Continue reading

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Well THAT didn’t last long…

Sure enough, within an hour or so, some work was done on the IGC website, and the positions reported have changed around a bit.  For example, here in RI, I’ve moved down to 2nd place. The key parameter now is … Continue reading

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Lots of progress in the past week

The International Grid Chase continues.  I’ve managed to put in a few hours each day of the new year to get on the air.  I’ve probably had about 20 QSOs a day, and somewhere around half of them have confirmed … Continue reading

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Grid Square Hunt Marches on

In the past 10 days I’ve worked about 200 stations in the grid chase.  A big issue is that less than half of them are confirming via LotW, which is the key for the contact counting.  RI, being a small … Continue reading

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Ryan has Success with CAS-4B QSOs

I mentioned that I’ve been mentoring a neighbor that lives a few houses down the street from me.  Ryan is 11 years old and in the 6th grade.  Ryan hopes to be a meteorologist when he grows up and understands … Continue reading

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ARRL International Grid Chase Underway!

Don’t forget that the ARRL International Grid Chase is now underway and runs all of 2018.  While there is an implication that this is a “special” event, it really isn’t.  Any contact you make that is confirmed in LotW counts.  … Continue reading

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Straight Key Night (Day?)

A New Years Eve dinner and party kept me off the air last night, but I made a point of dusting off my old J-38 key, and firing up a QRP rig that I had built to put 4.5 blazing … Continue reading

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Happy New Year! Goal Review

2017 was a very productive year for my ham radio hobby.  At the beginning of the year I set the following goals: Teach a Technician class 265 confirmed countries 1250 Challenge band-points Successful ARISS contact at BHHS Complete 1 QRP … Continue reading

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