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K1 Tuner Completed

It took about an hour to wind the 5 inductors and install the remaining components, so the entire kit took about 2.5 hours to assemble.  Some minor changes need to be made to the K1 itself, and the meter circuit … Continue reading

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Finally Building the K1 Antenna Tuner

I had a ball building my K1 Transceiver.  It has worked out very well, and has a fantastic receiver.  My only issue so far is that the transmit power folds-back aggressively.  If the SWR is high, the power will immediately … Continue reading

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DX Surprise

After uploading my NPOTA log, I checked my confirmed contacts and was pleasantly surprised to find two ATNOs in the log: TL8AO was an ATNO for me, and the LotW entry showed up within a few hours of our contact. … Continue reading

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NM22 Log Uploaded to LotW

Finally typed up the 110 QSOs for yesterday’s activation of NM22 and uploaded them to LotW around 2100 UTC today.  53 of them instantly matched, so I guess most of the park hunters are quick to upload their logs.

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NM22 NPOTA Activation Success

Emboldened by my success at the local beach running 20-meter SSB from my truck, I figured that I would give a NPOTA Activation a try.  So last night I registered a two hour long activation of NM22, Roger Williams National … Continue reading

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Success on 20-Meter Mobile

During JOTA 2016, my HF station had some RF issues due to the use of an off-center-fed-dipole (OCFD).  This type of antenna almost always has common-mode current issues on the coax.  Ultimately we solved it by making a 5 inch diameter … Continue reading

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