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Amazing How Many Satellites Are Active Now

I can remember back to the days of AO-6 and AO-7.  One satellite in the sky, 4-6 passes in a day, calculations done graphically using the Oscar Locator and weekly elements sent via W1AW bulletin (no PCs or public internet back … Continue reading

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Add the US Counties Award

Must be a newish award as I don’t know why I received an email today saying I had qualified for a new award, but when I checked, it turned out to be for working 500 US Counties.

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Just Completed Oscar Satellite Communications Achievement Award

The QSL rate for satellite operators is disappointingly low, even for those using LotW.  This means it takes more time to obtain various operating awards. Today, I finally qualified for the AMSAT Oscar Satellite Communications Achievement Award, which is 20 different … Continue reading

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“Best” UKUBE-1 Telemetry Frequency

I have also been monitoring the telemetry from UKUBE-2 (Funcube-2). With a satellite frequency of 145.915.7, I received packets with a frequency of 1627 Hz to 1288 Hz.  This is a shift of 339 Hz (very close to the shift … Continue reading

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“Best” AO-73 Telemetry Freq?

I’ve been watching AO-73 telemetry frequencies for the past few weeks.  Today I noted that a satellite frequency of 145.934.8 produced packets captured between 1538 and 1168 Hz, or a drift over that period of 370 Hz.  From this it … Continue reading

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Don’t know that I’ve ever seen this before…

Day and night, all HF bands are “Poor”

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Correct Setup to Use a IC-9100 with WSJT-X

While I don’t generally use my IC-9100 on HF anymore (keeping it mostly for satellite work on VHF/UHF), I do follow the Yahoo IC-9100 Discussion Group, and a great number of people post seeking help using the IC-9100 with digital … Continue reading

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DXCC Update for June

Not much of a change in the last month, pretty much matching the sharp decline in solar activity as the cycle fades into history. So in the past month, one new country has been added, bringing the total to 255 … Continue reading

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