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UKube-1 Downlink 1 KHz High?

For the third day in a row I’ve been monitoring the FUNcube-2/UKube-1 telemetry downlink, and have determined for a detected tone frequency of 1500 Hz according to the Funcube Dashboard software, I need to set the Downlink frequency to 145.916 KHz.  This … Continue reading

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First UKube-1 QSO

Paul, N8HM (FM18), who posted the message about FUNcube-2/UKube-1 being active, happened to be my first SSB QSO at 17:18 UTC today. My TX offset was 14.3 KHz higher than specified, but for this first time, at least, things seemed … Continue reading

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Yet Another New Satellite – UKube-1

I noticed a day or two ago that the UKube-1 transponder had been turned on.  I believe it is going to be left in that mode full-time.  I finally had a chance to capture a telemetry frame today during a … Continue reading

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Field Day 2016 Satellite Passes for FN41

The table of times listed below will likely be off a bit since FD is about 10 days in the future and the TLEs will have changed slightly by then.  However it is good enough for planning purposes.  Daylight and … Continue reading

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Back to AO-73 Dashboard for a Bit

The SatGate appears to be working fine, and it seems to find more unique packets than duplicate ones, so it appears to work.  Ultimately I want to package that up with a RPi running XASTIR using a TNC-Pi and a … Continue reading

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And Just Like That — 255 Confirmed!

So I did my daily check-and-hope of LotW today and was shocked to see a confirmation from a Botswana station contact made 2 years ago!  That was country 255, completing my 2016 DX goal.  From the date, it has to … Continue reading

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2016 Goal Review

At the beginning of each year I set some goals for myself.  These were the goals I set for 2016: 2016 Goals: 255 Confirmed Countries 1,200 DX Band-Points WAS Completed on 12 Meters Successful ARISS Contact at All Saints Academy … Continue reading

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DXCC Update

You can tell that DX hasn’t been as easy to find since I haven’t updated my DXCC info in a month or more. As of the end of May, 2016, I have the following confirmed in LotW: Ironically, Challenge went … Continue reading

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