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SatGate Worked!

SatGate worked after I made changes to the SatGate2/IGate Settings tab, changing the “Gate only these” list to be RS0ISS*.  (That did not allow PSAT-1 to route through as you might expect — see below). Immediately after a pass of … Continue reading

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Where Did the SatGate2 RF->Internet Packets Go?

I had UISS, CAT7200, and SatGate2 running last night.  My hourly beacon was showing up just fine on the APRS network, but I was disappointing that nothing appeared to get routed from the RF side to the Internet. When I … Continue reading

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So How Do You Get a APRS Passcode

If you want to connect to the APRS network, you need a Passcode that will validate your callsign. Obtain one here:

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Getting SatGate 2 to run Under Win 10 32-bit

I think I used my quota of good luck up getting UISS and CAT7200 running on my Win10 laptop.  That laptop had a fresh install of Win10 32-bit on it, so it had no legacy files from prior Windows versions. … Continue reading

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Setup UZ7HO’s SoundModem

UZ7HO’s SoundModem program is automatically installed when you install UISS.  It’s a program that converts the audio tones sent/received into AX.25 data that can be understood by UISS.  To use SoundModem requires a few simple setup steps. When you first … Continue reading

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Installing G8BPQ’s CAT7200 for IC-9100 PTT Control

If you plan on using UISS with SoundModem on your IC-9100, then you are going to need to obtain a copy of the CAT7200 program by John Wiseman (G8BPQ) to deal with the PTT function. First, obtain a copy of CAT7200 … Continue reading

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Using UISS with an Icom IC-9100

The program UISS is designed for satellite communicators to use UI packets to communicate with other stations on the ground, while using the Space Station or other packet satellite as a packet repeater. UI  (Unnumbered Information) packets are handled specially … Continue reading

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Holding Breath for STMsat-1 Reboot at Midnight

STMsat-1, a CubeSat built by elementary school students at the Saint Thomas More Cathedral School in Arlington VA, has been silent since its launch from the ISS on May 16. It has been tracked/identified and assigned the International Designator 1998-067HW, or … Continue reading

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Worked AMSAT Demo Station at Dayton Hamvention

I had a Fox-1 QSO today at 20:10 UTC with John Papay, K8YSE operating portable at the AMSAT Demonstration Station at the Dayton Hamvention. Less than an hour later, at 21:01 I also worked him on SSB using AO-7.

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Another Old Friend – AO-7

Although I’ve worked AO-7 during several Field Days (using our club call W1LY), I hadn’t made an AO-7 QSO since last summer.  Today I worked W4VAS, notably on SSB (my first voice QSO on that bird). It is simply amazing … Continue reading

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