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Second Charge Doesn’t Fix Zippy – Capacity 77%/3.2 AH

A second charge cycle didn’t have much of an impact on the Zippy battery.  It showed a capacity of 76.7%, which is still considered failing (< 80% of rated capacity).  I carefully monitored the charge process, and couldn’t help but … Continue reading

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Zippy Charge #1 After 18 Month Storage – 3 AH (73%)

After testing the remaining capacity following 18 months of storage, The Zippy battery was recharged, remained idle overnight, then retested under a 2.1 Amp load.  The capacity was up to 72.5% (3.0 AH), which is considered “failed” (less than 80% … Continue reading

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Zippy Battery Capacity Test After Eighteen Months of Storage

I had an opportunity to let my 4.2 AH Zippy battery sit unused after I last charged it on February 26 of 2013 — that was eighteen months ago. I had noted in earlier testing that the Zippy self-discharge seemed to … Continue reading

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Julian Plowright, N1UNP, Silent Key

A dear radio buddy, Julian Plowright, N1UHP, passed away last night.  Julian was quite active in my club (Newport County Radio Club).  He participated in our Field Day activities, most recently upgrading to Extra Class prior to this year’s event. … Continue reading

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Sixth Band Completed on WAS

W1AW/1 worked out to be the final QSL needed to finish 17 Meter WAS, completing WAS on six bands (80/40/20/17/15/10 meters).  Still have a bunch of work to get to 9BWAS:  8 more needed on 12 meters, 3 more on 30 meters, … Continue reading

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An Autonomous Automatic Satellite Tracker for a Small Crossed Beam

One of the goals I set for 2014 was to develop an antenna tracker that would be fully self-contained and not require an interface to a PC to obtain the tracking coordinates. The major components of the project are: Raspberry Pi … Continue reading

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Six Band WAS?

I have been missing only Vermont for 17 Meter WAS, which would be WAS on 6 bands.  Today I finally heard Vermont in the form of W1AW/1 running CW.  Very hard copy and a great OP on the other end … Continue reading

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DXCC Update: 210 Confirmed, 870 Challenge Points

I dropped off a number of QSL cards that confirmed new countries, or band/mode contacts to the card checkers during the Centennial Convention.  While it took under 5 minutes at the Convention, the Online Application still needed to be processed … Continue reading

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Congratulations Team RI for Outstanding W1AW/1 Results

Team RI, managed by John, W1XX, of the CTRI Contest Group, posted a final QSO tally of 38,342 QSOs.  This puts RI in 11th place nationally, behind some huge large ham population states like PA and NJ.  That said we … Continue reading

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