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Heatsink “Accessory” for KX3

I love my 2-year old KX3, simply the best all mode QRP portable rig I’ve ever used.  The popularity of the radio is evidenced by an ever-growing marketplace providing accessories.  Due to thermal issues experienced by those running digital modes … Continue reading

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Capacity Test Results for Bioenno 30AH 12V LiFePO4

I finally had a chance to run a test on my Bioenno Power FL4S10PHCC 30 AH, 12 V, LiFePO4 battery this weekend.  I would normally do my testing at a C/2 rate, or 15 Amps in this case, but that exceeds … Continue reading

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Update on 3 Year Old LiFePO4 Battery

Executive summary – Even a properly maintained (periodically charged) LiFePO4 battery should be undergo a charge/discharge/charge cycle to maximize performance after long periods of idle time. I’ve had a few entries concerning my original LiFePO4 battery, a 9.6AH  K2-Energy pack … Continue reading

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