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Triple Play #936 Completed

The ARRL issued Triple Pay #936 to me today.  A fun factoid is that a good ham radio friend of mine, Dave, WB4KDI, was issued his just a  day earlier.  I sort of goofed up in the submission process, asking … Continue reading

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First Successful CW QSO on AO-73

(What a great name for a satellite!!) I’ve had four passes of AO-73 over my QTH that have been in the transponder mode, but for the last three of them, while I was able to hear many signals on the … Continue reading

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Received 47 Telemetry Blocks for AO73

Funcube-1, now known as AO-73, was launched early this morning (about 2:10 AM EST).  I heard a pass around lunchtime, but wasn’t setup to decode it yet.  Even without decoding anything, it was a valuable experience, as it proved the … Continue reading

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Just Completed a Triple Play!

After coming to the realization that I wasn’t going to get my final necessary WAS Phone contact in LotW, a requirement of the ARRL Triple Play award (that it be in LotW), I was stumped, but reached out to a … Continue reading

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Hopes for WAS Triple Play Dashed

It is with some irony that I note I have received 49 LotW confirmations for SSB contacts made during this past Phone SS Contest.  The one missing confirmation is Georgia.  I made contact with SIX stations from Georgia but not … Continue reading

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And the countdown begins…

I spend much of the weekend participating in the Phone SS contest.  Unlike last year, when my goal was a clean sweep on both CW and Phone, this year’s goal was to simply complete WAS Phone, which is the final … Continue reading

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5K QSOs since Feb 2011

I noted that after I uploaded a couple of JT9 QSOs, that my LotW count reached exactly 5000 today: That’s a lot of yabbering for 2.5 years!

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WAS-CW Completed

Following a CW Contact during Sweepstakes, W7ZRC confirmed in LotW, which completes WAS-CW.  With WAS-Digital already completed ages ago, that leaves me with 10 states (CO, GA, LA, MS, MO, MT, ND, OR, WV, and WY) to complete my WAS-PHONE, … Continue reading

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10m WAS Completed

By focusing on my missing 10 meter states during the CW Sweepstakes, I was able to complete 10 meter WAS today.  That means I lack only Alaska on 80 meters for completing 5-band WAS. My thanks to N8NA, N0AT, W8DM, … Continue reading

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Astron RS-35M “Phantom Power”

I had just uncovered (literally) my current adapter for my Fluke meter (a female to male cord with banana plugs in the hot lead), and decided to check to see how much power my Astron RS-35M linear power supply was … Continue reading

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