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A fortunate misfortune

Back in December 2012 I described a project that implemented a NTP clock based on a Raspberry Pi board and a Adafruit LCD Plate.  The project answered a need that I had — a two line LCD clock that didn’t … Continue reading

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SideKX Panels for my KX3

During our RFI finding party at Glen Park, John King, WA1ABI, brought his KX3, and I noticed that he had installed Scott’s (AK6Q) side panels and Lexan cover.  This was the first time that I saw these in person, and … Continue reading

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Just over 3 months to go for this year’s goals

As of 9/18, I have 735 Challenge points (out of 1000), 187 Countries Confirmed, need 4 countries for 10m DXCC and 26 for 80m DXCC.  So some decent progress has been made toward the year-end goal of 200 Confirmed Countries, … Continue reading

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All Set for JotA

JOTA is the Boy Scout’s “Jamboree-on-the-Air”.  This is a HUGE scouting event, which involved over 700,000 participants last year with 13,500 stations on the air.  It can be combined with a camp-over (a “Camporee”), or could be run out of … Continue reading

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Some tips for WSJT-X

So after a week of experience with WSJT-X and in the interest of full disclosure, I am clearly no expert.  But here are a few gems that I’ve found by reading through the manual a few times: Set the incoming … Continue reading

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Just what I need — another mode for WAS and DXCC

With one JT9 QSL confirmed in LotW, I guess I’m on my way, but the most important thing is that I’ve got WSJT-X integrated with my HRD log book and JT-Alert, plus I’ve updated my tQSL software to version 1.14 … Continue reading

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