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Want to grow your club? A technique that works.

My club, Newport County Radio Club, has been teetering back and forth between being the largest or second largest club in the state.   This year we decided that we wanted to undertake a plan of serious growth, to clearly … Continue reading

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DX Update 701 band-countries and 184 confirmed.

Solar Cycle 24 seems destined to be a double peak (the first occurring in 2011), and solar activity has been up substantially, which is good for DX. I just completed 700 LotW band-countries yesterday with a confirmation from Maldives.  That … Continue reading

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What a different 3 feet can make…

I had been using a Diamond X510 antenna mounted to a six foot pole attached to my deck (10 feet above ground) and had pretty good luck with 2m and 70cm repeaters.  However, when I used it as an antenna … Continue reading

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An AC Charger for the 60 AH Battery

After shopping around a bit, I decided to use a Tenergy 10 Amp Charger for 4S LiFePO4 batteries.  The charger output cable is a pair of alligator clips just begging to be shorted out, and I wanted to replace them with Power … Continue reading

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