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Zippy LiFe 4200 Battery Self-discharge Test: 4% perMonth

A month ago I published some test results indicating a Zippy LiFe 4200 battery did have a capacity near its manufacturer’s claims (in fact slightly better than the claim at a C/2 discharge rate (2.1 Amps).  That original curve is … Continue reading

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Thinking of the peak of Solar cycle 24

Its a glass half-empty vs. glass half-full thing. According to NASA, we are close to the peak of Solar Cycle 24; they are predicting summer of 2013.  However the smoothed numbers have actually been running below the mean prediction level … Continue reading

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DXCC in a weekend (and other random musings concerning the ARRL CW DX Contest)

I’ve been told that timing is everything in life.  If that is true then I’m in trouble, because timing ISN’T my forte.  Take for example the New England Blizzard of 2013 that descended upon RI like a ton of bricks … Continue reading

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Closing in on 5BWAS (sort of)

Using LotW, a couple of weeks ago I completed WAS on 20 meters.  Today I completed it on 40 meters.  Still a long way to go, 80/15/10, but I’m getting closer.  I need: 6 more on 80 meters (Missing: Alaska, … Continue reading

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