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The Little Generator That Could

We’ve had a string of winter storms (3 in two weeks and a 4th on the way), and in each storm we have lost power, the last one for a little over a day.  When we have a power failure, … Continue reading

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Eureka! PortableRotation AzEl Rotor Running with SatPC32

I’ve toyed for years with installing a steerable array for LEO Satellites at my home.  In fact, somewhere in the mess I call my basement lies a 19 year old “new-in-the-box” Yaesu G5500 Az/El rotor.  I had purchased it to work … Continue reading

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Configuring TM-D710GA for APRS Indoors

That last word “Indoors”is the clue… The TM-D710GA has a built-in GPS.  Not surprisingly, it does not receive indoors, and it has no provisions for an external antenna (only an external GPS receiver). I had setup the radio for A-side … Continue reading

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Can You Trust Your RX For a FMT?

My go to ham rig is my K3s, which includes the KTCXO3-1 Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillator, a device specified to maintain 0.5 to 1 PPM,  One might think that in a reasonably controlled environment that the K3s could be used in CW … Continue reading

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Restoring HP3335A Part 2

After cleaning the synthesizer inside and out, I replaced multiple screws that were missing from the internal metal frame, and bolted down the power supply, which was obviously replaced in the past (without putting it back in properly).  Despite the … Continue reading

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Restoring a HP 3335A to full operation

I’ve always been sort of a time nut, but that’s pretty closely related to frequency.  The ARRL helps to sponsor a periodic Frequency Measurement Test, usually held in April and November.  A good friend of mine, John WA1ABI, always participates … Continue reading

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Replaced my Mobile Mount Today

Back in March of 2013, I installed a Diamond K9000 Motorized Antenna Mount. Unfortunately it started acting up about five months ago after about 3.5 years of service mounted on a truck that leaves its garage about twice a week, … Continue reading

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A New Transistor for the Pixie

Of course the Pixie final transistor, Q2 S8050, gets darned hot, and I’ve blown one out in the past just holding the key down more than a few seconds.  With my Pixie + Red Core Filter, I was seeing about … Continue reading

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Passing Pixie!

After experimenting with T37-6 yellow core inductors, it was time to change to the T37-2 red core.  These have a lower operating frequency, up to 10 MHz, and it is possible that they might have a higher attenuation on 14 MHz … Continue reading

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A 40 Meter LPF for the Pixie

As I mentioned the 40-meter Pixie QRP rig has pretty horrible harmonics, well above the maximum allowable FCC limit (-43 dBc).  One Pixie was about -9 dBc, and the other was about -20 dBc. The output filter in the Pixie … Continue reading

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