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NIST Director Copan Decides to Shut Down WWV/WWVB/WWVH

Can you believe that WWV, WWVB and WWVH will be shut down in 2019?  Struck me as beyond strange, but sure enough it shows up in the 2019 budget request: -$6.3 million supporting fundamental measurement dissemination, including the shutdown of … Continue reading

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Tried WSJT-X in Hound Mode for the first time

Today I heard SO1WS in Western Sahara on 17-meters.  I noticed a very raspy FT-8 signal, and after checking the time offset, it turned out to be So1WS — however upon further review it was apparent that they were running … Continue reading

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“Emergency! There is smoke in the basement”

So I have a rule about keeping all my WB4SON Blog comments about radio.  Keeps me on topic and away from controversial subjects, which is a good thing.  In the very sad news department, my constant companion Lily, our 14-year … Continue reading

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Field Day 2018 Satellite Passes

I’ve put together my list of candidate orbits that are happening during daylight hours for Field Day 2018.  Orbits in green are pretty optimal.  Orbits in yellow are lower (and hence further away, or in darkness). Satellite Passes FD 2018

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Happy 6000+ LotW confirmations!

Back on Jan 19, I was sitting at 5,000 LotW confirmations.  Today, with the addition of a couple of confirmations from QSOs with Iceland back in 2014, I bumped up to 6,001 confirmed in LotW. Thanks to Odinn Thor (I … Continue reading

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Final Class for New Tech’s

I recently completed another Technician Class up in Providence RI.  It produced 11 New Techs plus a General (I’m always amazed how common it is for one or two folks to take the next level exam and pass it). As … Continue reading

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Happy New Year! Goal Review

2017 was a very productive year for my ham radio hobby.  At the beginning of the year I set the following goals: Teach a Technician class 265 confirmed countries 1250 Challenge band-points Successful ARISS contact at BHHS Complete 1 QRP … Continue reading

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QSO #7000 in LotW

While I am sure I’ve had many more QSOs (I’ve got many old written logbooks from 1970-2000), I didn’t start using LotW until I got back on the air in February of 2011. Today I entered my 7,000th QSO into … Continue reading

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Nice 6-meter Opening Today

The JT65 segment of 6-meters was white hot today.  Even heard Joe Taylor (K1JT).  Map below shows stations that heard my signals around 21:00 UTC today.

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Field Day 2017 Satellite Passes

As usual, here is the list of decent satellite passes for Field Day 2017.  Times are in EDT, and the station location is set to FN41 (Rhode Island).  Many of them this year are after dark.  Going to have to … Continue reading

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