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Work-around for Pesky OS X Kernel Panic with Arduino

I’ve been bouncing between my Windows PC and a Macbook Pro as I am writing the code for the Feather NTP Clock.  (Gotta love BitBucket and TortoiseHG which provide me with the latest source code wherever I am). While it … Continue reading

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Feather NTP Clock

While my obsession with accurate time continues, these days my obsession with avoiding the hassle of resetting clocks on DST/STD changeover and power failures grows. My original NTP Clock, based on the Raspberry Pi worked just fine, but it really … Continue reading

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Updating WiFi Info for NTP Clock

My ever-faithful Apple Airport Extreme decided to give up the ghost about a week ago.  I was forced to use the built-in WiFi in my Verizon router as a temporary replacement.  Of course that meant that all the WiFi based … Continue reading

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