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Migrating a HDR Log to ACL for Digital Contacts

After messing with HRD & QSO Relay, I determined that inability to support FT8 with older HRD versions was a show stopper for me. I decided to use ACL, which was fully supporting FT8 and simply gather my digital FT8/JT9/JT65 … Continue reading

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Heatsink “Accessory” for KX3

I love my 2-year old KX3, simply the best all mode QRP portable rig I’ve ever used.  The popularity of the radio is evidenced by an ever-growing marketplace providing accessories.  Due to thermal issues experienced by those running digital modes … Continue reading

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Just what I need — another mode for WAS and DXCC

With one JT9 QSL confirmed in LotW, I guess I’m on my way, but the most important thing is that I’ve got WSJT-X integrated with my HRD log book and JT-Alert, plus I’ve updated my tQSL software to version 1.14 … Continue reading

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