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DX Progress through October

Many other projects (like teaching another set of Technician’s) reduce the amount of time I have on air, but DX progress continues slowly.  My confirmed country count hasn’t changed (262), but the DX Challenge count has creeped up to 1250.  … Continue reading

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Adding FT8 to HRD Logbook

Version (Dec 2016) of HRD predates the WSJT-X “FT8” mode.  If you use the latest version of JTAlert (2.10.1), it has added back in HRD version 6.3+ logging support (but only temporarily, according to the author).  That’s great, but … Continue reading

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Migrating a HDR Log to ACL for Digital Contacts

After messing with HRD & QSO Relay, I determined that inability to support FT8 with older HRD versions was a show stopper for me. I decided to use ACL, which was fully supporting FT8 and simply gather my digital FT8/JT9/JT65 … Continue reading

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Just Another Number

Recognizing that there isn’t anything special about this, but I noticed that I had exactly 4,000 confirmed QSOs in LotW today (63% confirmation rate).

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30-Meter WAS Completed — 33 Years Ago!

I’ve been parked at 6BWAS for several months, after completing the 5BWAS award and the 17-Meter band endorsement.  Since then I’ve gone from 8 states needed on 12-Meters, down to 2 (DE & WV), and also reduced my 30-Meter requirement … Continue reading

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Centennial QSO Certificates and W1AW Plaques Available

I noticed that the ARRL just opened up the process for obtaining a certificate for Centennial QSO Party operation, as well as the W1AW WAS certificate or plaque.  Go here:  Use your LotW username/password to log on, and click on … Continue reading

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I was pleasantly surprised to see FT4TA QSO confirmed in LotW just a couple of days after I made it.  That’s pretty unusual for a big DXpedition (I can’t imagine all the work there must be dealing with 100K log … Continue reading

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W1AW/Portable 50 States Confirmed!

I was a bit surprised to find two QSLs arrived this morning at about 5 AM in LotW confirming contacts with W1AW/1 from Maine.  This was the final state that I need for WAS W1AW/Portable. Oddly enough, despite the LotW confirmation, … Continue reading

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Six Band WAS?

I have been missing only Vermont for 17 Meter WAS, which would be WAS on 6 bands.  Today I finally heard Vermont in the form of W1AW/1 running CW.  Very hard copy and a great OP on the other end … Continue reading

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Les, KL7J, Comes Through in a Big Way on 80 Meters

My journey to 5BWAS ended at 1050 UTC (5:50 AM Local Time) Jan 26, 2014, when Les Buchholz sent CQ on 3.577.269 MHz.  Six minutes later, signal levels of -14 and -16 were exchanged and confirmed, and 73 send round … Continue reading

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