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Goals for 2017 and 2016 in Review

Four out of seven 2016 goals were completed successfully: 255 Confirmed Countries  YES 1,200 DX Band-Points  YES WAS Completed on 12 Meters (need WV)  NO Successful ARISS Contact at All Saints Academy  YES Teach a Technician Class for Monsignor Clarke … Continue reading

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K1 30-meter Emissions, Revisited

So I decided to open up my K1 and recheck the 30-meter bandpass filter alignment, guessing that the simple “peak coils for maximum” in the manual might also tend to peak the spurious emissions for maximum as well.  Sure enough … Continue reading

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Elecraft K1 Emissions

After completing the internal tuner add-on for my K1, I wanted to run emission tests on it as well.  My unit is two bands: 30-meter and 20-meter. FCC Limit:  For transmitters installed after January 1, 2003, the mean power of … Continue reading

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BaoFeng UV5R Spectral Purity Testing

I have seen some reports of BaoFeng radios not passing FCC Spurious Emission Standards.  I have a old UV5R that is affixed to my Fox Hunting RDF antenna.  I re-enabled the transmitter (normally programmed off to avoid accidentally blowing out … Continue reading

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Christmas Bunting QSO

I’m a little late getting the Christmas Tree lights installed on our pine trees in the back yard, but my friend John, WA1ABI, announced he was all ready with his tree lights, and expected to make a QSO with Rich, … Continue reading

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NM22 NPOTA Activation Success

Emboldened by my success at the local beach running 20-meter SSB from my truck, I figured that I would give a NPOTA Activation a try.  So last night I registered a two hour long activation of NM22, Roger Williams National … Continue reading

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Success on 20-Meter Mobile

During JOTA 2016, my HF station had some RF issues due to the use of an off-center-fed-dipole (OCFD).  This type of antenna almost always has common-mode current issues on the coax.  Ultimately we solved it by making a 5 inch diameter … Continue reading

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Amazed at 400th Anniversary of Cervantes Radio Event

I am absolutely blown away by what the URE (Union Radioaficionados Espanoles – their equivalent of the ARRL) – put together to celebrate the 400th anniversary of the death of Miguel de Cervantes.  The event last for only THREE WEEKS, starting September … Continue reading

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Gotta Love Portable Operation

My family and I went to Lake George in early August for a week of fun — I’m not as bendy as they are, so while they were parasailing and kayaking, I hung back at our hotel to make a … Continue reading

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OSCAR Satellite Communications Achievement Award

Bruce, KK5DO, processed my application within minutes of it being emailed to him, and I received the award #569 a couple of days later.  This particular award requires twenty 2x satellite QSOs in different states, provinces, or countries.  It doesn’t … Continue reading

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