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Heatsink “Accessory” for KX3

I love my 2-year old KX3, simply the best all mode QRP portable rig I’ve ever used.  The popularity of the radio is evidenced by an ever-growing marketplace providing accessories.  Due to thermal issues experienced by those running digital modes … Continue reading

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Les, KL7J, Comes Through in a Big Way on 80 Meters

My journey to 5BWAS ended at 1050 UTC (5:50 AM Local Time) Jan 26, 2014, when Les Buchholz sent CQ on 3.577.269 MHz.  Six minutes later, signal levels of -14 and -16 were exchanged and confirmed, and 73 send round … Continue reading

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Happy “Accurate” 12/12/12 12:12:12

Today is one of those special once-in-a-lifetime events; it is December 12, 2012. Or as people would commonly refer to it: 12/12/12.  I’d like to commemorate this auspicious event and describe a small iPhone/iPad App that I find very useful. … Continue reading

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96,000 Miles per Watt

My friend, WB4KDI, from Birmingham, AL, and I were running some QRP and QRPp experiments with his new Elecraft K3 A week ago on the 30 meter band.  David and I were running JT65, and he dialed his power down to 100 mW, the lowest … Continue reading

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Fifth WAS completed on June 24 using JT65

Well, this Friday at about 2PM, the big event happened.  One of the FIVE different MD stations that I’ve made a JT65 contact with confirmed the QSO on LotW.  This completed my quest for WAS which was officially completed after … Continue reading

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Joes hit one out of the park with JT65-HF…

Ham radio operatiors have been using the moon to communicate for decades. No, they aren’t listening in to astronauts walking on the moon like I did back when I first became a ham. They are actually using the moon as … Continue reading

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You are never too old for an elmer…

Despite my fascination with PSK31, I couldn’t help but notice there was a very odd sounding mode that was being used close to the PSK31 frequency on the 80 meter band.  I tried all the digital modes offered by FLdigi … Continue reading

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