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Amazing LOTW Participation in NEQP

I just uploaded my New England QSO Party log to LowT and was expecting a few confirmations.  I was stunned when I saw that 60% of the 163 QSOs I uploaded were already confirmed not even 48 hours after the … Continue reading

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New England QSO Party Fun

I don’t recall ever operating in the New England QSO Party before, but several emails were circulating encouraging activity, so I thought I’d give it a go.  Conditions were OK on the lower frequency bands — not a lot of … Continue reading

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Replaced my Mobile Mount Today

Back in March of 2013, I installed a Diamond K9000 Motorized Antenna Mount. Unfortunately it started acting up about five months ago after about 3.5 years of service mounted on a truck that leaves its garage about twice a week, … Continue reading

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How Well Does the Pixie Receiver Work?

My club, Newport County Radio Club, just completed our third and final meeting on the 40-meter QRP Pixie kit.  We packaged the inexpensive Chinese QRP kit with sockets for the crystal and final transistor, two additional crystals (7.030 and 7.040) … Continue reading

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First Quarter 2017 DX Results

February and March were pretty good for me at my current snail’s pace, adding three new countries for a total of 261, and bumping the band-point count up to 1,237. So even near the bottom on Cycle 24, there’s still … Continue reading

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Using a Diplexer (Duplexer) as a 2-meter LPF

First off, to be clear, I’m talking about a Diplexer, the small device that will fit in your pocket and costs < $60, that is used to combine 2-meter and 70-cm rigs to use a single antenna feed-line. However both … Continue reading

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KA1QYP Half Pint QRP Transceiver Passes FCC

In our continuing quest to evaluate the output purity of various QRP kits, Willy W1LY constructed a Bill KA1QYP Half Pint Kit. The assembled kit produced a solid 600 mW output and was one of the cleanest radios we’ve seen.  The … Continue reading

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Pixie with 5-pole Axial Filter Passes

Willy, W1LY, decided to try using the standard unshielded 1 uH axial inductor that the Pixie uses for it’s current 3-pole filter (C5=47o pf, L2=1 uH, C6=470 pF) as the starting point for a 5-pole filter that could easily fit … Continue reading

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Elsie Plot of QRP-Labs 7-pole 40-m LPF

This is the schematic of the 7-pole LPF used in the QRP Labs 40-meter LPF: The plot from Elsie 2.77 for the above filter looks like this: The actual SA response curve looks like this: The curves are remarkably similar. … Continue reading

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A “Better” QRP Transceiver?

NCRC had several reasons for building the Pixie as a club project, and getting it on the air is probably at the bottom of the list.  Fixing flaws in the Pixie design provides learning opportunities.  But by the time you … Continue reading

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